Ambu® Oval Silicone

The Ambu Oval Silicone resuscitator is designed for manual ventilation of neonates though to adults.

  • Reduced fatigue during ventilation

    Has a special textured surface combined with the unique support strap to ensures that a comfortable and firm grip is guaranteed

  • Easy to clean and sterilize

    The Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitators is made out of a view parts that can be disassembled easily. The Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitator can easy be cleaned and autoclaved (except the oxygen reservoir) at a temperature of 134° Celsius.

  • Ergonomic, lightweight bag design

    The ergonomic, lightweight design of Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitator is made for optimal user handling and support even during extended ventilations

Ambu® Mark IV – Reusable

The Ambu Mark IV is available in two sizes: The Ambu Mark IV Adult is designed for manual ventilation of adults and children with a body weight of down to approximately 15 kg (3 years), and the Ambu Mark IV Baby for infants and children with a body weight of up to about 20 kg (4-5 years).

  • Double wall bag provides build in pressure limitation

    The thin outer cover gives the user a very good “fingertip” feeling for how much pressure is needed, while the inner lining with its air holes allows rapid recoil for optimum stroke volume. This gives you complete control of the amount of pressure delivered to the patient and enables artificial respiration with quick frequencies, if needed.

  • Unique single-shutter valve system

    The slim design and crystal clear casing housing the unique single-shutter valve allow unimpeded observation of the valve operation and make it easier to view and manage airflow to the patient.

  • 100% Latex free

    Both Mark IV Adult and Baby are made of silicone rubber and are 100 % latex-free.

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