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When a vision comes to fulfillment, the principles and goals of the ones who were inspired with it, affect the result ....
The Vision: an Exemplar company in the Health sector .....
The Principle: Respect of the Human Life in all levels ....
The Goal: Provision of high quality products and services ......
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• People and their health 
DELTA MEDICAL S.A. always provides for the import of pioneer and quality products that significantly help in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of critical health problems.
Its exemplary support (scientific, consultative and technical) has established DELTA MEDICAL S.A. as one of the most trustworthy and promising companies in the healthcare sector.
  • Allergies and their treatment 
DELTA MEDICAL S.A. is also the distributor of leading products regarding the coping of allergy problems :
- Allergy diagnosis : specialized diagnostic tests
- Immunotherapy : medicinal allergy treatment 
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