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 Νευρολογικά ηλεκτρόδια
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• EOG Ηλεκτροοφθαλμογράφημα
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• Καταγραφή ύπνου
 EOG Ηλεκτροοφθαλμογράφημα (Electro-Oculogram)
Τύποι νευρολογικών ηλεκτροδίων για εξέταση EOG :
Neuroline 700
Solid gel makes it repositionable
Well defined sensor area ensures easy reproduction of results
Special design prevents the electrode from falling off if wire is pulled
Small - makes it easy to apply on the face
Ag/AgCl ensures a good signal
No risk of cross-contamination
Useful for examinations of children due to its small size and flexible material

Neuroline Ground 
Concave shape conforms to curves of the body
Can be repositioned several times
Optimum signal throughout the examination
Unique “duck foot” design ensures optimum adhesion
Provides ideal balance between adhesion and size
Convenient quick-release tab for easy repositioning
No risk of cross-contamination


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